Live instruments in EDM

HELLO World, this is my first blog article on our brandnew website edited by Harman Kumar and Innox Technologies (India)
According to my experience live-Performance
fits well together with EDM-tracks on the stage. (as long as you use rhythm or melodic-instruments)
For over 10 years we are performing live-solos along EDMusic coming from the DJ-Mixer.
Since 2 years we also create our own original EDM Tracks, specifically designed for live solos on stage. Creating our own tracks give us the opportunity to let space for live instruments (especially if you reduce percussive synths) We get an awesome enhancement of musical tension during uplifters and build-ups.
For softer emontional parts, Sax is, like vocals, a good choice for all leading melodies.

More in detail is coming

All the best, Martin Adrian